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He has hurt many people and does not care, he was the worst person ever to work for becuse he was insecure and felt the other owner got all the attention.

That was because the other owner had a brain and was kind to customers and employees but had his hands tied by George Gilbert. Lets call a spade a spade, I know that everyone that dealt with him had a bad taste in their mouths and complained to sales and service after talking with him.

He was by far the worst employee and his employee's tried to keep him away from customers. We "employee's" needed to do damage control after George Gilbet talked to customers.

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I had the same



Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #37296

Has always thought that everyone was *** but himself. What a *** in my opinion.


That post claiming George, and Rod went out the right way, is ***! They did not pay their employees, and they are wanted by the State and Federal Government, never mind all the money they pocketed after selling those extended warranties.

Never mind the money they pockleted after Bank of the West mistakenly paid them for the trailers without verifying the borrower's had taken possession of them, and that either GE or Textron had released title to them.

No one is going to get a pink slip if their trailer wasn't paid for with GE or Textron, and from what I'm told there are many of them! Bank of the West screwed up too, but that's their problem.

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36749

In these times, many RV companies went out of business. But they did as much damage control as possible to help their customers, they paid their employees their "full" final checks, they paid their warranties, DMV fees and sales tax, they provided the services promised in the contracts and they were genuinely concerned about being good citizens.

It was not all the mighty dollar.


what comes around goes around so stop feeling sorry for george......the truth always comes out......

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36579

I'm surprised that a bully would say this. LET GO!

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36577

Bring it on...

Wrington, England, United Kingdom #36573

I hear he went to the sheriff with all of the printouts from this and other websites

He has been getting death threats and threats in general and has made many police reports

The sheriffs department is now treating this as a cyber crime of stalking

they are going after the records from pissed consumer and 2 other web sites

They are understanding of his situtation and are investigating this under ca penal code 646.9 stalking, harassment and defamation

according to him the sheriffs have already tracked down two of the posters

and are working on a third

also they took his home computer as someone hacked into the information there and that he said will be treated as a federal crime of invaision of privacy law

I can't belive it now he has the cops on his side

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36567

He is a little fatter now, not sure how he rides his BMW motorcycle?

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36563

I am told he has no license for beating up a cop and a DUI.

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