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look at my pic i look happy about this shiit ?

i have a single income and two kids to feed, so you tell me how I'm gonna make itthese times are hard for un-educated trailer trash single mom...just cause i lost my job and worked for crooks means nothing, you people *** me off......i hope your trailer burns to the ground you piece of work....rod and i slept together, so what...thats my business and i can sleep with who i please...

so just worry about your dam selves !!! have a good one!

Monetary Loss: $7689.

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thats not the same person ***, take a better can tell those are two different people

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #35931

Lets go to other websites and copy / paste these stories. Don't forget to add this website to your post so new readers can see these people and who they really are....


george/rod/kyle count to 3 if u can cause lol will see who be laughing at the end ...strapped hiding how pathetic keep hiding and keep on being miserable times ticking and you evan know it lol u guys are over with donne and we will get through this and come back to a normal life but you guys misery misery misery lol finally what u deserve times 3 fold God Speed :) how does it feel ?


this is out of control now....who cares...I just want my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jack-***

West Bergholt, England, United Kingdom #35769

Tosha- I feel for you! They are doing exactly what they did to Amanda to you.

The owners of this company have taken it way to far!

This website is for "reviews" on the company and their poor business ethics. Not about making up reviews on the employees that were taken advantage of!


gotta love myspace. they coppied it.

West Bergholt, England, United Kingdom #35760

where did they get your picture from Tosha? Looks like the insiders are on a vengeance

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