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We ruled the world

This is my first post, it needs to be said. We had the BEST sales force ever put together from the manager to the sales team. And we proved it by the numbers that we did. I prey that you all find great jobs because you deserve it. You all gave the extra effort to make the sale and help the customers to your fullest. You did!

It is unfortunate that you had no support from the business office or service department. I first blame the owners for their greed and not paying their vendors and leaving service in a bad situation by not being able to obtain parts and having to delay deliveries for flooring issues.

Yes we "sales" did our jobs, we loved our jobs, our customers and we were the best, the economy did play a part in our down fall but it is also true that we had to deal with one owner that was dysfunctional in many ways and a business office that did not know how to handle budgets or forecast for the slow months. Granted this company was a cash hog, it could have been managed better.

There is so much more I want to tell you but I can't at this time, I love you all and I am working on helping you collect the monies you are owed. This includes the service department that had their hands tied.

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I found some new info

If Revolution RV owes you $$$$ to: File a BOND CLAIM: American Hardware Mutual Insurance: POLICY: 72351964. Dealerships have to carry a bond, they have only $50,000....I heard ...but file a claim for the $$$$$ you are out!!

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Ted you sound like a very knowledgeable gentleman but who are you? How are you linked to this company? Just curious-

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When you access my computer, I have all the right to record you!

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SpyBot is for novice users.

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By the way George, I can run circles around you, Rod and Kyle on the web. I also have your ip address.

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