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Had my trailer in for warranty service at Revolution RV service dept in Ramona. They called me on Friday, September 5th and said they were out of business.

None of the service I requested was done...many other trailers left in mid-repair.

Their parts department had TV's and generators stolen...obvious inside job. There are about 100 or so trailers to get back to other owners in just a few days. I imagine they will be all sorts off pissed off owners on this one. Was told that Revolution RV has not been paying their bills for some time.Do not buy from Revolution RV if their Sales department is still at it!

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i was in the place on magnolia and was now wanting to buy .. but i guess i am the lucky one to read all this .. i wish you all the best of luck hunting down and maybe getting to burn at the stake all involved ...


Hey Darin,

I tried your repair service as you advertised

I know why revolution went out of business not only are you a thief ( used stolen parts from revolution) but your work is *** too) I would Doink your little wiffe in the asss though



Adger, Alabama, United States #34277

I have been following the stories about all of the customers ( and employees ) that Revolution has screwed and my issue with the tires is NOTHING compaired to what's going on. I wish there was a way I could help. The best of luck to all !!

Campion, Colorado, United States #34195

we followed a guy driving a Revolution RV truck who was hauling a trailer today out of Ramona toward Lakeside. We ended up down a dirt road off of 67.

behind a red barn we found our toy hauler! He wouldn't let us have it so I called the sheriff's. there were a lot of RV's hidden back there. We took our toy hauler home but it had structural damage and was missing the TV.

our case number is S6930057 call deputy sheriff mathew mays with the santee sheriff's station at 619-956-4000. they were writing down vin numbers of the other RV's hidden on the property.

they all looked very new. he'll be able to tell you where the trailers that were at the Romona location were taken.


The Califormia Department of Motor Vehicles is working this case, call 619-462-1701.

revolution employee

To all the customers who were treated unfairly we the employees of revolution Rv parts and service truly are sorry and we hope you understand that with the resources we had we have done all we could to help. A few of us will try to continue to help you until Wednesday 9-10-08.

After that revolution will be closed. I have a licensee mobile repair bussiness I started last year DnE Rv repair.

If I can help please call 619-925-9974.



Weirton, West Virginia, United States #33332

Went to Ramona service dept. Our trade in was no-where to be found.

In fact, one week after dropping it off, someone called and said they were camping in it and couldn't run the air conditioning!!! Meanwhile, we still make payments on it. We were told...all files moved to Carol Barraza's home.

All employees had their last paychecks bounce!! Have the police been contacted?????


Norm's RV service center is located a short drive from the Revolution RV service center - in Poway. Norm's RV has been in business since 1994 has RVIA certified technicians, and can handle all of your service needs.

We are happy to bill the manufacturer for your work.

We have been cleaning up Revolution RV repairs for some time. Find us at

Baden, Niederosterreich, Austria #33297

How can we get our money back? I'm also willing to join a lawsuit but have no idea how to find these guys. They owe us a trade-in overpayment AND an extended warranty that they never bought.

Weirton, West Virginia, United States #33288

Revolution RV OWES US $8600.00.





Yep, I'M another victim of Revolution RV. Got the call on Sunday 9/7/08 that I needed to pick up my trailer by Wednesday 9/10/08 or the bank would be holding it for litigation.

Picked it up today 9/8/08. Thank God I was there first as they had only one brake controllers left and I got my hitch work done, but that is all. Found out that the extended warranty has not been paid ($1700.00 that I paid), it was not detailed (I paid $950.00 for that) and it had not received it's pre delivery inspection ($695.00 for that). Not sure if the registration or taxes were paid by them either, but I have my paperwork showing I did my part.

But now I have to drive a long distance just to get the warranty work take care of. All the employees who were not being paid were doing their best to help the customers get there property.

Unfortunitly some customers had to pay someone else just to get their trailers off the lot as the service / parts department had been cleaned out as the owners were not paying their bills, owners no where to be foung... CHICKENS, stand up and be men !

Mcdowall, Queensland, Australia #32942
Just drove by the San Marcos location, it's empty !!!!. It's true, what goes around does come around (and bites you in the butt) :upset :zzz :roll ;)

We are also still owed a balance from overpayment on our trade-in. How can we get this back? Or should we kiss this extra $300 goodbye?

Kutoarjo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #32820

Dear all former Revolution RV Airstream customers,

We are Southwest Coaches located in Irvine CA, inside Traveland U.S.A. We are sorry to have read the horrible service treatment that you have received at Revolution RV. The reason for this post is to inform you that if you have an Airstream trailer, and you do not know where to turn, Southwest Coaches welcomes your service needs. If you read the reviews of our dealership on the Airstream internet forums, you will find that Southwest Coaches service is quite different from the horrible service experience you’ve had. Lead by service manager Dwayne Ayres, our Airstream factory trained service personnel is quite efficient and effective, characteristics not commonly found in the RV industry.

As your closest Airstream dealer we invite you to contact Justin in our service department @ 949-551-6179. We have been in business over 15 years, well before Revolution RV, and I can assure you we will be in business much longer. We have been an Airstream dealer for over 14 years, and it is the core product of our dealership. If there are any other additional concerns you have such as selling your trailer, or making modifications to it, please feel free to call. Over the years we have sold many Airstreams to San Diego residents, and many who became members of the WBCCI. If any of you are members you can reference the WBCCI San Diego unit as to our service reputation. We are sorry for your negative experience, but look forward to creating new positive relationships for the future.

Southwest Coaches

Sales Manager

David Delano

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