Please do something about that spelling and grammar. Babe, I was just on your myspace and it's riddled will misspellings....... eh I feel so sorry for those two lovely children of yours. How much pot DID you smoke in your youth ?

Don't you know your mind is still developing at that age .... Darling, lets just hope Burger King has some room for you at the fry flipper !

Oh well, time to go now. I must run some errands and get to the bank.

Monetary Loss: $6768.

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I am new to this arena and don't know quite what to think. it's like reality TV, you don't want to like it but your strangely curious.

Why do people get such a kick out of making fun of others? What?

are they trying to prove how intelligent they are? It always backfires in their face!

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #35948

Jail is hard time and those guys will show you how tough you really are. haha

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #35919

And add this website so customers can see that they did......

West Bergholt, England, United Kingdom #35870

"Misery Loves Company"


george/rod/kyle count to 3 if u can cause lol will see who be laughing at the end ...strapped hiding how pathetic keep hiding and keep on being miserable times ticking and you evan know it lol u guys are over with and we will get through this and come back to a normal life but you guys misery misery misery lol finally what u deserve times 3 fold God Speed :)

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