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After lots of research, here is what I found out, any taxes owed are paid 1st. Weather it be state or federal taxes and I suspect there are many of both owed, DMV fees, etc.

2nd are the employee back wages and of course bounced checks, yes we can win a law suit but there needs to be money found in order to collect. Keep in mind the government gets their share first, if there is any remaining money, the employees are the next paid; This is fact!

Multi Million Dollar company's such as GE or Textron will be low on the totem poll. Judges will look at who needs the money more...

Attorneys will not take such a case unless they know they can get paid, you can't bleed blood out of a rock. I believe the government is out more money than these guys have hiding. Employees need to file a claim with the labor relations "government" and hope there is money remaining, at the least, there is a tax break because of back wages not paid; Needs to be done now.

YES we can win a class action law suit but if there is no money, we will not be paid. This whole thing was carefully planned out and executed weeks in advance of us knowing what was happening. They covered their butts well but the government WILL find their assets. I can't believe they are still in San Diego County, that takes balls. Someone will run into these guys at a super market or mall in north county. Keep posting to the web to expose these guys. They have not filed for BK, in fact George Gilbert filed BK 5 years ago and can't file in the near future but he will "show" he has no money.

ADP is a reputable payroll company and was also duped, they will also be going after these guys for depositing the payroll into the ADP account and withdrawing the monies after the checks were cut.

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