for the person that said we had it good,,try taking endless phone calls from customers mad because of elliegle actions by revolution rv,,or being out $9777.00 that you worked your *** off for,,or for getting your final check and then its a draw that was no good because of george and rod taking the money out after the check were given out and to take the calls from salesmen that have kids to feed because there checks were no good,,and get the calls from sold custormers that didnt get the trades paid off or get the trailers fixed before they came to take delivery,,,how about the calls from venders that havent been paid in mounths,or the customers that bought an ex-warranty and revolution didnt pay for it ,,we had it so good *** ,,we had it so good must of came from george gilbert,,when you pay yourself $25,000 a mounth he did have it good but his employees and customers are now paying for it ,,in georges words i would kill and go to jail over $200k and screw the customers just get thier money and move on because once they get to service they will realy hate revolution rv,,give the employees their money and no one will ever care about revolution rv again

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Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36088

Do you have a DVD player? You can tow a Bambi I think.....

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36063

How much can you tow with that bad boy?

Did it come with leather or cloth seats? Did you get the CD Player? Oh I think you have lots of extra CD/DVD players.......

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36057

Used to drive a G series Mercedes but now has a little Tacoma pickup. Not that there is anything wrong with that. hahahah

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36040

Tony Barazza, while you clean, do the dishes and make dinner. What is carol doing at work?


when i post (which i havent) or comment i use MY name!!!!!plus this would have had much more detail.....keep talking about me your making me famous!!!!

Macdoel, California, United States #35974

toscha.........use tha goddd dammm spellcheck :cry :cry :cry

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